15 April 2004

randall terry is the head asshole.

he has a gay (adopted) son. son interviewed with out magazine for $5,000. terry then rubbished him in the op-ed pages of the washington times.

is there anything more profoundly unchristian? anything? (well, yes, but.) he states repeatedly that his son's homosexuality is "a behavioral issue." he makes all the horrible, phony correlation/causation mistakes that homophobes are known for. (i.e., my son's "life is a shambles"...and it's because he's gay.) and he explicitly states that his son is no longer welcome in his home.

what would jesus say to this? did randall terry somehow miss the part of christianity that is about forgiveness, reconciliation and love? (that is, all of it?) i think i might be in a shambles as well, had i grown up in the household of a man whose entire life revolves around male superiority, the exercise of terror [seriously: i have seen operation rescue in action.] in the pursuit of that superiority, and a hateful, vengeful vision of God and God's world.