06 October 2003

Right. Been busy. My last ten days in a nutshell:

Had the Swat Rhodes interview, got endorsed by those folks, edited the hell out of that application, studied for LSAT's, took LSAT's, [almost cried], put together state Rhodes app, went to church, jogged with housemates, mailed the Rhodes app. In between, worked a lot and started building the semi-loft-thingy for my bed.

In other news, the firm is without internet, mostly, and has been for a week now. This being Yom Kippur, and me being not Jewish, I have the opportunity to take advantage of the (world's slowest) dial-up connection, on one of my bosses' computers.

Also, I am depressed about the state of the world. However, as discussed at dinner chez A Feral Hat last night, Laurel, Alyssa and I (plus a few other friends to be named later) are going to fix it.

[The dinner -- total digression here -- was wonderful: curried split pea soup with onion and sweet potato and the last of the cottage cheese dill bread. Yum.]