08 October 2003

...and we're back. dsl connection in the office is finally up and running again today, after over a week of dead silence. and the first thing that appears on my screen when i fire up the ol' IE?

ahnuld. fuck. fuck. fuck.

i've spent large chunks of today thinking that, if this is how upset i get when schwarzenegger is governor of california, just imagine how pissed my parents were when reagan was elected. one of my earliest memories is of my mom saying something really slanderous about reagan during the '84 campaign, and saying it with a look of really incredible bitterness. any of you who have met, or spoken to, or indeed seen pictures of or heard anything about, my mother, will recognize how improbable bitterness is in her. i think i'm actually rather proud of her for overcoming the niceness and telling tiny little me that ron reagan threw trash in the forests.

that said, walks down memory lane are really nice, but they certainly don't count for much next to the disaster that is american politics today. at this point, i just want to know who i can blame. is it the media, for giving the talentless wonder all that free air? or is it the people themselves? what the hell are they looking for in elected officials these days?!?why so eager to affirm that the name they've heard the most has to be the right one?

clearly, this is God telling me it's time to take a break from the states.