25 September 2003

swat-level rhodes interview tomorrow, God save me. what with that (and the attendant reading so i don't sound like a dumbass), studying for LSAT's (HOLY SHIT they're next saturday), beginning grad school applications, and a busy week at work, i constantly feel as if i'm missing something...like maybe a piece of clothing, or an organ, or a limb. alas.

tuesday night or early wednesday morning, someone smashed the window of my poor little car, so i missed a bunch of work yesterday (grrrrrr). luckily, it's fixed now, and with no deductible. thank goodness for insurance. it's just kind of a bitch in a week that's already bitchy enough. tuesday was a year since page died, and i wished i had a few minutes to sit down and be sad, but i never found them. which is itself a rather sad thing: left unattended, that sadness just becomes diffuse anxiety...

...and i don't need to spend my workdays wondering whether my life and life-plans are meaningful enough -- i'm having a difficult enough time figuring out which presidential candidate to support.