15 April 2007

they printed it in the style section

i think i know what twisty faster would say about the times' decision to place this article chronicling a serial rape charge in the style section. there'd be something about how the rapes take a backseat to the fashion-insider fame of the accused (rendering this a style story rather than a news story) because that is how much the patriarchy hates and disregards women. i can also envision a bit about how the fashion industry (as an outgrowth of the patriarchy) is pretty much entirely about the domination of women in any case, and so the editorial choice is actually rather appropriate.

i'm not sure which of those possibilities is more horrifying, because my wee brain has been all but fried by the following paragraphs, in which this hideous person's hideous lawyer makes with the "dirty sluts" defense:
The dark-eyed, 33-year-old fashion designer has been released on $1.3 million bail after having been charged last month by the district attorney’s office in Los Angeles County with 32 counts of rape, sexual battery, lewd acts on a child and other ugly crimes, against a dozen women — all models — aged 14 to 23.

“It’s the pattern of a sexual predator,” said Jane Robison, the spokeswoman for the district attorney. “It’s a serious, serious case.”

Ronald Richards, Mr. Jon’s defense lawyer, said this is a case of thwarted expectations: the young women had sought to trade sex for a career in fashion. “You can’t fault a man if women throw themselves at him,” he said.
She arrived by taxi at his Beverly Hills apartment around 11 p.m., according to the police report. She went upstairs, entered Mr. Jon’s bedroom and changed into yoga pants and a T-shirt. She sat on the bed. He kissed her. She said she was menstruating and asked him to stop, putting up her arms.

“Is this the only reason you brought me here?” she asked, according to the report.

“Not the only thing,” he responded.

Then, the report says, he forced her to have oral sex. He proceeded to have intercourse with her, but she first asked that he “at least use a condom.” He declined.

Afterward she went to clean up. Mr. Jon sat and meditated.

The following day, after going out to eat with two of Mr. Jon’s assistants, the model went to a rape center in Santa Monica, Calif., which sent her to the police station in Beverly Hills, where the sexual encounter occurred. Mr. Jon was arrested the next day, and an indictment soon followed.

“Why would she change into pajamas?” asked Mr. Richards, Mr. Jon’s lawyer. “Why didn’t she leave when she sees there’s no bed for her? Why didn’t she punch him in the face?” He noted that there were no signs of physical trauma. “My client is 5-foot-4 and 130 pounds. He’s a thin Gandhi-type guy. He can’t overpower anybody. Any girl would kick his butt. It’s not even a close call. That’s what’s so silly about this.”
p.s.: looking to be even more incensed? check out the not-entirely-implicit assertion that the accused was just "promiscuous" and "couldn't control himself."