17 April 2007


1. interesting how tragedies relatively close to home hold our attention. (i'll do us all a favor and not link to this week's death toll from similarly sized attacks in iraq. or indeed the homicide total for this month in philadelphia.) is there a way to mourn sincerely and still remember that our ability to mourn for 32 is a sign of some pretty hefty privilege? also, can we wait just a few days before we turn it into a debate about gun control?

2. today is ten years since i was evacuated from my house in grand forks, which is somehow very funny to recall.

3. women in computer science: did you know that we're staying away because we don't like the "nerd factor"? funny, i would have thought it was the aggresivity norm, the lack of mentors and the hugely punitive working hours (which don't match well with our continuing second shift problem).

4. my summer funding evaporated. note to yale: maybe it would be a good idea to tell your graduate students up front that, if they take a semester of non-cumulative registration, they are ineligible for the funding they've been guaranteed for the summer following that semester. just a thought.