31 December 2005

happy new year

for 2006: let's really kick ass in the congressional midterms. let's do something, anything, right in iraq. let's be less crazy and more grounded. let's work a little less. let's not lose the boring, and proverbial, ten pounds. let's be honest with ourselves and others, even if we are policymakers. let's continue to jeer at "intelligent" "design." let's pass our comps and write our prospecti. let's go to church, or wherever it is we go for peace and comfort, more often. let's read more nonfiction from other disciplines. let's finally finish a russian novel. let's think about how we can make academic labor movements that don't suck. relatedly, let's think about how we can make institutions that let women do that whole [life + work] thing a little more easily. let's call our families and pay attention to what they are saying. let's bike more and drive less. let's do something about health care, finally. relatedly, let's make an agenda to get a democrat back in the white house. let's be frank about the moral bankruptcy of american conservatism. let's save our activist souls even if we are in grad school. let's learn a new language. let's keep thinking about how badly the whole country fucked up in new orleans. in a wide variety of contexts, let's blame the people responsible instead of the victims. let's read more children's fiction. let's learn to cook something new. let's read the news.

and so on.