23 August 2005

question of the day

megan asks:

"So? It's after 2! Are you asleep? drunk?"

neither. i am here at my desk, eating a muffin and reading the times. (well, and blogging.) the exam was fine. didn't so much like the questions*, but...whatever. then i went out for a walk and some ice cream (!), but decided i was too damn tired to go directly to the bar. probably too tired to go to the bar at all, being as i haven't slept much this week. the plan is to feed my face (STUPID to have 9-2 exams), then head home for some hibernation. besides, all the good parties are later in the week, when the political economy folks finish.

*hey profs: if i wanted to be tested on my ability to regurgitate other people's arguments, i would go back to college. point being, don't craft your questions so that i can only deal with one dependent variable at a time. sheeeesh!