30 August 2005

oh em gee

that is how it sounds when you say that ol' internets favorite, "omg," out loud in an emphatic, post-ironic kind of way. it is also a necessary but by no means sufficient descriptor of the seven days since i last posted anything here. i regret to inform you (all) that, despite this being a long entry, it is intended more for my own recollection than for your edification. read on if you dare.

to sum up: tuesday afternoon i baked cookies. tuesday evening, out in two rounds, first with meg, karisa, jonah and some hgsers (pizza; diet coke), then over to rudy's (hoegaarden) where i witnessed the bitter end of kush's and alex's eight-hour siege. a very large amount of sleep later, began wednesday with an abortive bbq-planning meeting at the diner and finished it with...well, yet more sleep. thursday was house-cleaning, hangin' with the union organizer (i am not yet organized; comments welcome), successful bread baking despite wimpy expired yeast (honey white; oatmeal quickbread), bread-eating and chai-drinking with mike, another rudy's trip (bass, bass), and a crowded night at gpscy (vokda cranberry). friday i bought a desk, sold my couch, baked more quickbread, gave quickbread to deskmovers jonah and rob, packed at record pace, drove to philly with dessi and mario, and ended the night giggling with laurel at silk city (vegetarian burger ["not the one with the real vegetarians in it, though, please"]). saturday was a heroic effort of packing and moving, followed by fan-fuckin'-tastic, if small, goodbye party at the verminhouse (pizza rustica, a boatload of one-two punch). ross has a nice description of that evening. (i have some amusing pictures which i intend to post just as soon as my internet connection stops sucking.) sunday: up late, standard tap for brunch (french toast), more moving, louisa's excellent party, dinner with jenny, ruth and laurel (cinnamon brown rice, lentils with raisins), more louisa-party (sierra nevada, vodka shots, spicy fried potatoes with blue cheese dressing, home-made ice cream, etc.), then walk home ("home") to 204 with ross and gabe. then sleep; we like sleep. monday morning bargain breakfast at silk city with dave, ross and al, then packing and moving al's stuff, then dinner (szechuan tofu, green tea) and movie (junebug, overly large bag of m&m's), then more sleep. this morning a twenty-four-block jaunt that included la colombe (really excellent double espresso) and people-gawking in rittenhouse.

eventful, no? you will note that this description includes no phrases like "working on my paper" or "studying for x exam," and for that i am profoundly grateful.