26 January 2005

oh holy sh it.

laurel called the other day, the day that was the anniversary of the liberation of auschwitz (60) and of roe v. wade (32), and she was worried that the world was going to hell. this asshat spent the day praising the crazies at the national right to life march; he didn't say anything about the liberation of auschwitz. also, congress appeared poised to confirm both alberto gonzales (yay torture!) and condi rice (yay pathological lying!). i still had the temerity to tell her that things weren't so bad. how much of this sort of news will it take for me to revise that position?

i know that the situation in iraq is not the only proof of the irremediable stupidity of the bush administration. but the magnitude of tragedy that american policies have managed to create there are impossible to ignore. which is bad enough in itself -- but i also feel compelled to consider how bad things could get here in the US while we're all busy watching the death toll in iraq tick upward.