08 December 2004

it sure is a good thing they don't give letter grades here. else i'd be sobbing incoherently under my desk right about now. the wittman equilibrium totally made me its bitch on the formal modeling exam this morning. my professor downright hated the first draft of my christian mobilization paper. the results i was relying on for my sexual violence paper turn out to be a smoke-and-mirrors trick. (speaking of which, i'm not naming names because that's not cool, but the person responsible for the smoke and mirrors is a swattie. speculate away, folks!) oh, and somebody recalled my book.

so you'd think i'd be in a foul mood. on the contrary: things here in the ivory tower are pretty OK. i visited laurel (and saw anne and kevin!) (and others!) over thanksgiving, and laurel visited me this week, and...yeah. it's all good, even if my brain is temporarily running exclusively on earl grey and chocolate bars. by concentrating very, very closely on books about war crimes, i've been able to avoid thinking about the more mundane hideousness of the american political scene almost exclusively.

speaking of which: election debrief summit thingy happened thanksgiving eve, and it was very nice.

ALSO: i may or may not revive the whole political commentary/thoughts on the world/regular updating aspect of overpoliticized when the semester ends. i am, somewhat shockingly, just not as inclined to procrastinate as i used to be. but don't stop checking in. OK?