08 September 2004

sorry i've been away. again. this might be common in the coming months. or i might settle in and start posting all the time. who knows. anyway:

1. unbefuckinglievable, dick cheney.

2. relatedly, john kerry must win this election or i will cry. or crawl under a rock. or move to canada. or something. however, ben says we're not winning, and i believe his algorithm.

3. your job, friends and neighbors: convert someone. maybe a bush supporter, maybe an undecided voter. just do it.

4. and then think of a new way to volunteer. i'm still running against bush...but there's gotta be something else a connecticut resident can do, right?

5. let me just say: hurray for math i can actually do. i spent my last two years of college thinking i had lost my math skills entirely. as it turns out, though, you don't have to be a prodigy to be pretty damn good at this stuff.

6. final list of classes! comparative politics seminar; sexual violence and war; institutions and transitions in democracy; intro to formal modeling.

7. don't tell humanities grad students you're taking "modeling" this semester. they will laugh at you.