28 September 2004

so it seems i'm sliding into hiatus.

grad school continues to be fun, invigorating and a little all-consuming. i continue to feel that i'm OK at political science.

unfortunately, the "all-consuming" bit above means that there's no POSSIBLE way i'm going to be ready for a half-marathon in under a month. i feel guilty about this, but i'm not (quite) stupid enough to go running instead of, say, finishing my reading. so let this be the official notice: i'm still running against bush, just in small(er) increments.

and speaking of running against bush: i'm scared. polls are looking grim, ben's state-by-state algorithm is looking grim, and the token republicans of yale political science are looking triumphant.

what is to be done?

i agree with alyssa that it's time to start writing letters to the editor. what are substantive things that matter to americans where kerry has a clear edge? health care springs to mind. if there were a magic bullet that would help americans concentrate on facts rather than (as krugman would have it) performance, i'd be thrilled. but...i'm not sure what that is, and i'm getting nervous.