22 September 2004

a belated happy-birthday-to-me.

sadly, i am not drunk-blogging, even though it is 12.35 am, the night after my big two-three. rather, i am just starting a paper, after having been to a seminar, a workshop, and a yoga class, and after finally finishing my reading at midnight, because i spent the whole day in a state of birthday glee. i have received lots of good wishes and a mix CD, and all that makes me (a) very happy and (b) very lacking-in-concentration. so is life.

anyway, not too much left to do now (it's a SHORT paper. a SUMMARY paper.) and nothing to do until 3.30 tomorrow, so...all is well. except for the part where i wasn't around in the evening to receive birthday wishes by phone. sorry, fire boss.

maybe soon i will post something substantive. you never know. or at least, i don't.