17 May 2004

good news, bad news. in iraq, the current leader of the governing council killed by a car bomb. in massachusetts, "gay marriage day." both stories are a little overwhelming--doubly so, i suppose, when they occupy space on the same front page.

what does it mean that americans cannot protect the people to whom they expect to transfer governance? the situation in iraq gets worse and worse, and the bush administration burrows its collective head ever deeper in the sand. i was struck by bremer's comments on the bombing: this was a setback, we are more determined than ever, iraq to be democratic and prosperous, etc. how can we be expected to credit such remarks any more? more importantly, how can iraqis be expected to believe anything americans say any more?

handbasket, check. hell, coming right up.

the massachusetts story is less fraught. but even in the face of horrible news from iraq, i'm finding it tough not to be jubilant.