12 November 2003

more on fred phelps and my church.

i go to st. peter's in society hill. on november 23, phelps and his mob of scaries are going to be there bright and early, at 8.30 am, to inform us that we're going to hell because we welcome queer folks into our congregation.

yesterday i wrote to one of our priests to wonder whether the congregation would be upset if some sort of counterprotest was arranged. she replied that a counterprotest was a wonderful idea. i agree: occasionally people do better by ignoring hate protesters, but the phelps people are so loud and threatening that i think there needs to be another crowd there to support the congregation. in any case, if you're reading this, and i haven't contacted you already, and you want to either come to church that morning or stand outside it and support our inclusive spirit, then get in touch.