13 November 2003

gee, even more news about depressing faux christians. this article about roy moore really turns my stomach.

moore, you will remember, is the former chief justice of the alabama supreme court. he had installed, at public expense, a two-and-a-half ton monument to the ten commandments in the alabama supreme court building. ordered to remove the monument, he refused and was subsequently suspended from his duties. today, as the article i've linked states, he was formally removed from his position by unanimous vote of a special court -- quite impressive, all things considered.

i think it's astounding that even william pryor--alabama attorney general and a scary theocrat in his own right--will not support moore. i guess i'm...happy?

past the first few paragraphs of the article, though, things get decidedly murky. see:

"Shortly after sunrise Wednesday, several dozen of Chief Justice Moore's supporters bowed their heads and held a prayer circle on the courthouse steps. Young men blew curled rams' horns as a call to arms. Two women wore black veils "to mourn the death of America,'' they said. One burly man named Matt strutted up the courthouse steps dressed in a green army helmet and flak jacket "to wage war for God.'' Whether or not Chief Justice Moore emerges with his job, his popularity seems to be only growing. "

i shouldn't feel so bad. leave it to a reporter to make a statistical inference from a small crowd of seriously misinformed people with nothing better to do on a wednesday morning than dress up and undermine the constitution. i'm sure his popularity is not, in fact, "only growing." but the fact that he had or retains any power, over anyone, is disaster enough. combine it with his supporters' call to arms/death of america/war for God language, and it's nothing but frightening.

i'd make some sort of "american taliban" comment here, but it's really not worth my time.