07 November 2003

good economic news. good economic news?

i'm slightly worried that this is going to get spun out of control. the times, certainly, seems unwilling to do any serious analysis of whether this "recovery" is sustainable or whether it will, in the end, benefit the people who most need it. my sense is [major caveat: amelia is not an economist.] that the growth of the economy in the third quarter largely lined the pockets of people whose pockets didn't need any more lining. and while the jobs numbers from last month are good, they're not as exciting as they need to be in light of the fiscal disaster we've incurred trying to get them.

why, oh why, are jobs only allowed to trickle down? sadly, the answer is probably that it just doesn't compute any other way in the minds of the current powers that be. why not create a new ccc or a new wpa? because that wouldn't allow the already-rich to exact their pound of flesh. that would be scarily redistributive. that would be...logical. even worse, it might be just.