06 November 2003

from the right christians, a passage that perfectly explains my feelings about today's news, be it the asshats inching down the road to a roe v. wade overturn, or the asshats killing people with air pollution, or (especially?) the asshats who have sold their souls to the worst of corporate america (dick cheney's energy policy group, this means you).

why DO the wicked prosper?

also, what should i do about the prosperity of the wicked? sadly, taking their ill-gotten gains by force does not appear to be a viable, or morally correct, option.

and yes, i do realize i'm posting a lot today, but i'm fairly drowning in outrage today. i wish i could be more explicit about who these bastardy people are, but i am currently writing a reply brief to people who are absolutely, unapologetically misogynistic, both implicitly and explicitly, and who compound their evil by really only showing it to women they can easily pick on (i.e., poor ones). aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhh. yet another example of the wicked prospering.