21 October 2003

oh FUCK.

i wish idiot antipeople could understand that no one has a late-term abortion for the sake of convenience. or rather, i wish that they had the courage to be up-front about their strategy. they understand perfectly well the necessity for such procedures, and they're willing to kill people, or permanently end their chances of having healthy pregnancies, in order to take one more step toward the end of roe.

(dear ssal,) the "partial birth" ban is yet another proof that there are, in fact, no antichoice feminists...at least, not without a whole lot of qualification. you can be anti-choice and a feminist in a very limited sense, or you can be a feminist, and be anti-choice in a very limited sense, but there's an impasse when you supposedly believe in substantive equality for women but are always willing to prefer the "rights" of the fetus over the woman-as-vessel.