16 January 2009

news flash

1. in case you had forgotten (i sort of had), david rees is still a genius. 'specially look at the ones a few pages back, during the election season. ooh, and here's a review of the latest gywo collection (NB, rees linked to this review 'cause it's a happy one).

2. in other radical comic strip news, i recently devoured the new dykes to watch out for anthology. please to do so yourself also, thank you.

3. how irritating is it that i am now submitting grant applications to support me for *next year*? how doubly, triply, infinitely irritating (and, well, kind of creepy) is it that i (more or less intentionally) *missed* a bunch of deadlines that would have had me planning for september 2009 through june 2010 during fall 2008?

4. i used to have a plan to put up some sort of a "2008, she done me wrong" country-and-western lament about the year that was. but then i realized that 2008 was character-building. my character used to be a cardboard shack miserably slumping in the rain, and is now a rough-hewn log cabin on the hardscrabble frontier. next year: eco-friendly mansion! or maybe a well-appointed apartment in a city with curbside compost pickup.

5. the other day there was a near-100-degree difference between the low temperature in grand forks and the high temperature here in san francisco. i win!