05 December 2008

friday food blogging

(also known as friday adventures in procrastination.)

this was our first week as members of the farm fresh to you delivery service. it's a pretty non-traditional CSA, in that (1) it's pay-as-you-go as opposed to a big buy-in at the beginning; (2) it combines food from the capay organic farm with food from other organic producers in order to get a slightly 'less seasonal' (read: more oranges, less cabbage) mix; and (3) it comes straight to our door.

we are so, so spoiled. a big ol' box for $29 a week!

so far this week, we've eaten through all our mandarins, oranges and apples; made a stir fry based on the baby bok choy; done a great salad of napa cabbage, apples, shredded carrots, toasted pecans and vinaigrette-y stuff; and boiled up a large and wonderful potato-leek soup. still left from the box: a large bulb of fennel, some dino kale, and some lettuce, which are all, by hook or by crook, getting used tonight.

because tomorrow is pie-giving! this is an annual event hosted by fabulous friends who now live driveably close. our household is bringing a mince pie and a vegetable pot pie with a biscuit top, both brand new adventures for us. YAY OH YAY.