14 January 2008


since last thursday i've been holed up with HRDAG colleagues in bolinas, CA -- an hour up highway one from the city, right next to the beach, lovely lovely. i work, i sleep, i listen to the waves, that's about it.

i will spare you the edgy, emotionally-exhausted bit about how i'm not really equipped to spend a full week living and working (mostly working) with the same people right now, and this wasn't my choice, and there are too many tasks, and blah blah blah blah blah.

instead: progress! results! as it turns out, my understanding of (and my ability to write) python has actually improved in the last few months, despite almost no focused practice. consequently, the data-processing problems i was beating my head against in june are almost entirely dealt with now. we've also had the opportunity to implement some new tools that are going to make me happy down the road (although, whoa, intimidating barrage of information).

so, yay. there's not much room in my head for anything else until thursday afternoon, though.

last piece of news: i registered to vote in california! i still mostly intend to vote health care in this primary, but there's beginning to be some wiggle room in there. i dunno. strategery suggestions, anyone?