30 November 2007


obviously, november was a little crazy. recap: first week of november in yale, then a buncha crazy prep and also a fair amount of bread baking, then on thanksgiving i flew to philly, and it was great. and then on monday i flew to amsterdam, and now it's friday night and i'm in a hotel in the hague and this headcold is totally out of control.

relevant points of fact from the last several weeks:

1. i am disappointed in barack obama. like nori said in an email today, "i WANT to be behind obama! what the shit is he doing?" i've never been impressed with the obama health care plan, but now i'm actively pissed. although, where the fuck is john edwards right now? i'm not so much a hillary fan, but like north i wanna vote on health care. maybe it's lucky that my primary vote doesn't matter...

2. econometrics != statistics != science. well, or maybe econometrics is a subset of statistics is a subset of science. i don't want to suggest they're discontinuous...unless people try crazy subset-hopping. dude, get your ordinary least squares out of my multiple systems!

3. fashiony people have hilarious ideas about gender. in particular, they have some seriously strange debates about the (potential) difference(s) between "ornamental" and "expressive." which are you allowed to be, and under what conditions, and are those things mutually exclusive, and if not, should they be?