17 October 2007

fool's errand

i've been stuck in transport since about 4:00 am (pacific time) yesterday morning. most of that time has been spent in miami, first at the wyndham (gee, thanks, american airlines. you really do care!) and, this morning, in the terminal again: the 10.25 flight that replaced yesterday's afternoon flight after mechanical problems at SFO made me miss it has turned into a 12.30 flight. no one here knows why.

now, if i were going to bogotá for a span of weeks, this would not be a big deal. however, i'm getting on a plane to come home on friday morning at 7:00. let's break that down, in bogotá time: 6:00 am tuesday - 3:00 pm wednesday: transit; 3:00 pm wednesday - 4:00 am friday: on the ground in bogotá; 4:00 am friday - 8:00 pm friday: transit.

altogether, that's 49 hours of transit for 37 hours of colombia. i really don't want to be one of those people who is lucky enough to travel to amazing places but bitches about the experience of travel -- but that's who i am today. waaaaaahhh. on the other hand, i do love bogotá, and am tremendously excited about the work we're presenting there, and so on and so forth.

on yet another hand: i should have listened, and will in future listen, to the instinct telling me that short visits are a bad idea unless they're absolutely necessary. also, i still hate miami. why did i have to get stranded in a city with such high humidity?