24 October 2007

among the more realistic of my many worries

here's the thing: i tend to get "[more than] just a little worried about my future." and, while i'm not sleeping with anyone inappropriate as a consequence, my anxiety level about that-which-follows-this-endless-prospectus is, not to put too fine a point on it, kind of wacky. luckily,i am often reminded (thanks everybody!) that i am talented, i will finish, there is a job out there for me. yay.

but for accuracy's sake i'm not, never ever, reassured of the fact that "work-life balance" will work out just fine, for me or any other female academic. while all the insecurity- and vocation-related troubles eventually fall by the wayside (that's what i tell myself), the cost of childcare -- and the willful deafness of (most) university administrations to the disparate gender impacts of same -- remain. here is a very smart post to that effect, up since last friday at confessions of a community college dean, which (er, whom) i should remember to read more often.