20 September 2007

just a little sorry for myself

it's birthday eve! and in the next several days, i have a bunch of paper type things to write (one of them is a LECTURE, eeeek), which seems like a bit much but is the sort of thing i'm always setting myself up for, so who knows. maybe i subconsciously love it.

this morning i woke up and it was (a) cloudy, (b) cold, and (c) the day for driving emily to the airport so she can leave for a month.

it also happened to be the day for new contacts, new contacts which are stored in a big bag of toiletry type miscellany that i keep in a corner. i found the right-eye contacts. check. then i was rummaging around for the left-eye contacts, and i found out that the small bag for razors and tweezers -- the one that lives in the bottom of the big bag -- had been open, and there was at least one razor down there where i was rummaging.

anyway, i'm down one right index fingertip, which puts a serious crimp in my plans for writing paper type things. writing this entry, for example, took me like four and a half hours.

also it is still cloudy and still cold. on the upside, i know i have a wide variety of internet friends who will console me with comments (ahem), and a wide variety of local acquaintances who will be impressed with the gory mess i have made. go me!