04 September 2007

APSA commentary

1. is there any reason at all, good or bad, that when political scientists get together to share and celebrate their intellectual endeavors, they mark the occasion by pretending to be businesspeople for four days? is this ("this" == "conservative suits and uncomfortable shoes") the only idea of "professionalism" we can come up with? is it just a function of the hugeness of the event?

2. stupid, stupid, stupid: hold a huge academic conference in a place where there is essentially no free wireless. words cannot explain how dumb and irritating a waste of time *that* was.

3. navy pier is now so clotted with opportunities to spend money that you can't actually see the lake. w.t.f!

4. institutional complaints aside, there were some pretty damn interesting ideas about war, armed groups, and social control bandied about this weekend, both in and out of panels. when i can put my methodological night-and-day-mares out of my mind, i am increasingly excited about my place in the academic universe right now. but -- more on that later.