21 August 2007

the answer is yes

browsing the fatblogs this morning, came across another rendition of "is fat a feminist issue?" because i'm supposed to be writing something else, and because emily and i talked about this at breakfast this morning

[happy dance for my new household!],

i thought i'd better blog it. in case any of you out there in tehinterwebs had doubts.

as usual i'm a little disappointed with the reasoning on both sides. is it possible that we are not all aware, at this late date, that fat is not *just* a feminist issue? that the weird fake cultural stuff attaching to fat affects men too? is it likewise possible that there exist people, at this late date, who still haven't cottoned to the idea that fat stigma falls more heavily (HA!) on women than on men?

mis- and underdiagnosis of men aside (yes, i know this is a problem), there remains the fact that more than nine tenths of people diagnosed with eating disorders are women. being abused for the crime of fat is qualitatively different than being asked to be pathologically fearful of fat as some sort of life project.