14 March 2007

"women can be that guy too."

so states a little flashing billboard in the wacky environs of thatguy.com, a defense department site aimed at curbing binge drinking among "young servicemen." i am not inclined to believe the claim, however. in fact, it seems to me that thatguy is mostly all about being different from, and having access to, women.

according to the site, "The campaign encourages young enlisted personnel to reject binge drinking because it detracts from the things they care about: family, friends, dating, sex, money and reputation." alcohol also causes young enlisted personnel to do do evil, abusive and/or extremely dangerous things -- but apparently that's not what the market research says DoD should focus on with its lighthearted public health attempt?

what the site boils down to is that binge drinking is bad because (a) you will lose your opportunity to have sex with women and (b) you will throw up. (not-actually-humorous sidebar: the women in this flash-animation-crazy environment all seem to be wearing nearly identical little black dresses.)