02 March 2007

grocery list

i'll start writing about Important Stuff again soon, I swear. at the moment, however, life is moving a bit fast for me to have substantive thoughts about things that are not python (and the treatment of csv files thereby), el salvador (whence come broken outdated data files that must be turned into csv), or (my current favorite) produce.

so anyway, between meg and me today we got: pink lady apples, cameo apples, blood oranges, rio star grapefruit, nectarines, daikon radish, yukon gold potatoes, red cabbage, loose carrots, maple yogurt, fresh spinach, organic milk, cashews, dried persimmons, peaches, currants, and dates, organic bananas, crimini mushrooms, onions, raw sugar, brussels sprouts, orange bell pepper, endive, and a boatload of exciting spices. this after an expedition yielding several nice cheeses and some purty cage-free eggs a few days ago.

in other news: warm welcomes yesterday at the human rights center and the demography department, and yummy dinner at cafe gratitude. also good: meg's confection invention, which is a milkshake made with (1) whole milk (2) godiva milk chocoloate hazelnut praline ice cream (3) maker's mark whiskey.