12 March 2007

grocery list redux

brilliance! it's perfect degrees outside; we spent yesterday wandering around san francisco (meghan fed parrots!), and this morning was grocery time.

speaking of which, behold the produce list: cantaloupe, honey tangerine, pineapple, yellow watermelon, braeburn apples, extra small organic granny smiths, dried goji berries, tangelos, currants, red peppers, dried peaches, dried persimmons, roma tomatoes, dried chipotle peppers, horned melon, daikon radish, organic fair trade bananas, asparagus, haas avocadoes, moro blood oranges, rio star grapefruit, red swiss chard, nectarines, spinach.

in all, 38.5 pounds of produce for about $56, but that's only if you include $10 worth of dried persimmons; otherwise, we're talking $46 for 38 pounds. hurrah!