20 March 2007

grocery list is rich

here at aha!mlk! (a complete anagram of meg's and my initials, plus a description of our location, go dorks go), we strive to bring you the very best in vicarious shopping. this is a lean week -- in that we limited ourselves because we failed to finish all of last week's goodies -- so the Bowl list is modest. however, you will be pleased to know that amelia picked up 9.93 pounds of produce for an average of .90/pound, and meg, a truly ferocious shopper, amassed a (truly massive) 27.7 pounds at an average of .80/pound.

our refrigerator is bustin' out all over.

the list: bluelake green beans; beauregard yams; organic fair trade bananas; pesticide-free strawberries; moro blood oranges; unsulphured dried peaches; rio star grapefruit; granny smith apples; carrots; cantaloupe; navel oranges; fuji apples; mineolas; watermelon; pencil asparagus; roma tomatoes; sugar snap peas; fresh garbanzo beans.