22 February 2007

never coming back

i've been to the berkeley bowl twice in three days now. the first time was just spectating, since me + produce heaven - shopping list == stimulus overload ==> panic, but i did at least take a moment to text meghan: "@ berkeley bowl. OH. MY. GOD."

today we went back for what was supposed to be a short visit and ended up with four avocadoes (extra small, very ripe); two korean pears; one nectarine; one pomegranate; beautiful small asparagus, a papaya, yet more blood oranges (living at the office in palo alto has given rise to a number of new addictions), and brown cow maple whole milk yogurt, the regular price of which at the Bowl is equal to the completely insane sale price at mollie stone's in palo alto. plus some cream and potato-rosemary sourdough boule and other sundries but

MY GOD THE PRODUCE! next time i'm going with a list and a big ol' backpack, and then i'll never eat anything but vegetables (possibly with bulk grains and/or fresh herbs) ever again.

it's been raining on and off here, all day long, and as we walked home in the last sunshine of the day meg said, "how are we ever going back to stop & shop?" the answer is i have no idea.

this weekend is big basin, the monterey aquarium, meg's belated birthday, and (for me at least) making up for a week's worth of work after our sudden move. it is shockingly beautiful here (although hello, berkeley? you are supposed to be a hippie town. cut it out with the fast-moving cars and improve your recycling program already.), and the new house (new to us; it's a 1904 structure) is lovely. we're in the attic and can see mountains in all directions; there are nooks and crannies and secret staircases and bay windows and built-ins and strangely angled ceilings.

you know how sometimes you don't realize how sick you were until you're better? i'm finding that, sometimes, you don't know how wrong things are until you right them.