29 December 2006

homebound twentysomethings unite

both of my favo|rites have been home, thinking about home, and (as that previous post likely indicates) i am no different. unlike north and the fb, however, i seem to have forfeited all my moral authority by leaving the midwest. people (including my family) see right through my kelly green j. crew cloth coat and detect the heart of someone From Away. it used to be that ignoring or denigrating my preferences about the way the world should operate was sort of a brute force operation -- all you could do was disagree, because preferences are preferences. these days, no brute force is necessary because all my preferences about the way the world should work are unavoidably tainted in a sort of what's the matter with kansas? way. when you are armed with the cultural authenticity club, no one can reasonably suggest that maybe twelve hours straight of handgun-glorifying splatterfest are not the best use of your time. (don't even get me started on all the strawfeminism in this neighborhood.)