23 October 2006


...i have totally got to post something real soon. in the meantime, please read and discuss the myriad ways in which my schedule is absolutely not tenable.

in hours per week:
prospectus: about 10*
search committee: 10-20
spanish class (graded): 10-20
civil wars seminar (graded): 10-15
qualitative methods seminar (graded): 10-15
grading: 4-6
workshops: 4
the gym: 4-6
union stuff: 3
graduate student assembly stuff: 2-4

that's leaving aside basic life stuff like hygiene, laundry, therapy, sleep and (i shudder to admit this) grey's anatomy. taking all my ranges at their means, that's a seventy-five-hour week, MINUS any work on my prospectus.

*totally fucking hypothetical at this point