07 October 2006

damn the twins/full speed ahead

the first part of the title is self-explanatory. how depressing. the second part refers to the "Distinction" that showed up on the little blue sheet labeled "Report on Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination." first and foremost, this means that i am hot shit. however, second, third, fourth...nth, this means that the examination system around here is completely batshit. yes, the writing was better and the theses were tighter this time around. but no, i did not go into as much depth OR refer to as many pieces OR even attempt to say anything interesting. my father once told me that the higher ed market weeds out both stupid people and very smart people, and i have never been more sympathetic to that point than i am right now. but also: ROCK! no more time wasted on worrying and no more sleepless nights and no more examinations ever, ever again.