24 August 2006

not namby pamby

so last week, we had a "review meeting" with one of the "supervisors" of our "special examination" in "political psychology." and the stated purpose of this review meeting was to "think through" possible questions and "get a sense" of the "possible content" of the exam. and in actuality the review meeting consisted of

minute 0. "read this."

minute 30. "here's a question." said question requests a "research agenda."

minute 32. dead silence.

minute 32.5. i break. i begin blathering. i stammer out a possible "research agenda."

minute 33. still blathering.

minute 34. supervisor breaks in with "i guess...but don't you think that's a little...namby-pamby?"

and so on. anyway, today we took the stupid godforsaken political psych exam; all four of us managed to include the phrase "namby-pamby" somewhere in our essays.

fight the power, friends.

in other news, last night i had (yet) a(nother) anxiety dream; in this one, sarah perry told me she didn't like me any more and then ditched me for jacob hacker. sigh.