18 July 2006

transgender in the academy

of course, with a minor exception the trans issues are just window dressing; this is a story about how women fare in the academy and why. minor exception: he feels that because he did not identify as female growing up, there was no particular recognition of sexism that seems obvious in hindsight.

but more importantly, note the importance that is placed upon attribution, for both successful women and successful men. misattribution (my skills versus my luck) leads to selection bias (me versus the entire universe of women scientists) leads to faulty inference (nothing institutionally wrong).

also, st. cloud is very nice and there's been international news on the front page the last few days. not that the international news is good, or that there's much attention paid to it around here. sigh. for example, i'm more jazzed about having had good seats for the twins game last night, which they won 6-3. like everybody else in minnesota, i'm developing a crush on joe mauer.