27 June 2006

verminhouse kids in foster care

anybody want to sublet bonnie and clyde for a year? it sort of breaks my heart, but they cannot come to california with me.

i'd like to write something longer about the anguish of rootlessness for the change-resistant, but there's no time. in the next two weeks i need to sell most of my furniture, figure out what to do with the cats, and move. again! (june 1 to summer sublet, august 1 to fall sublet, january 1 or thereabouts to palo alto.) funny how things work out and yet totally fail to work out: back when i started grad school, i looked at it as a wonderful opportunity to [finally] be in the same place for a long time. to be -- it must be said -- something approximating a "real adult." i bought a kitchen table, for chrissakes! then along comes a great opportunity and utterly rearranges all my lifestyle expectations. i'll miss my red couch and my split box spring and my nice desk, but i can't really complain.

i haven't even unpacked my boxes this summer. they're just sitting there in the basement, waiting for the next bout of transportation.