23 April 2006

in which i read my archives

double-posting is so lame, but really my research and writing paper is even *more* lame. so i will favor you with an almost unbearably prescient entry from exactly three years ago, when i was just about to finish college.

i wrote:

"at some point...January, i think...i wrote here about how, as we get older, more and more things about our lives begin to be irrevocable, or at least practically so. this is one of them: i can't any more decide that i don't want to be a social scientist. i'm not going to wake up and decide that no, i really should have been pre-med. there are no take-backs on an investment of four years and immeasurable exhilaration, stress, worry and developmental turmoil. i don't have the will or the hundred and thirty grand to do this again...which is fine, as it turns out. mostly, i've done the things i wanted to do here.

there's just always going to be a part of me that wonders how the whole course of my life would be different if i had stayed a math major."

not entirely seriously: i wonder what the take-back rules are on an investment of six years and a bunch of opportunity costs?