18 April 2006


you know that i am serious when i start a sentence that way. last night, saw wolf parade at toad's place, and despite a stress-induced tummy ache and my general distaste for the venue, i managed to forget completely, if briefly, about the game theory waiting for me on the other end. dude, that was awesome.

i think it likely that i do not grin like and idiot and bounce up and down nearly enough to ensure optimum psychic well-being.

but the show: was preceded by the incomparably well-named holy fuck. did not sound too too much like the album, mostly to pretty good effect. [which is to say, some ragged vocals and a rather different instrumental balance.] featured all the good songs, as well as a mid-set beer run. oozed a particular could-give-a-flying-fuck, no-banter-whatsoever charisma. (talk to the crowd? they don't even talk to each other!)

in particular, although most of the band looks like normal people, guitar/vocal dude dan boecker looks like a debauched hipster rockstar. which i guess is to say, looks like what he is. ill-fitting tshirt and greasy mullet and waytooskinniness and all. and i thought, who does this remind me of? and then he smoked a cigarette through an entire verse (which, i gotta say, leads to some interesting enunciation issues), and it dawned on me: this is totally rufus wainwright's evil twin.