28 March 2006

(practically) no fat chicks

my therapist and i keep fighting about empirics; namely, am i or am i not fat? now, the fact that we need to have this fight is telling on a number of levels, but the import of the fight is really not about the particular question being asked. in fact -- as i have attempted on a number of occasions to express -- the real question is about (1) the causes and extent of anger, suspicion and disgust towards fat people (especially fat women) in a given society, and (2) the extent to which it's rational to acknowledge that anger, suspicion and disgust. acknowledgement, it must be said, might be a matter of seeing it and fighting it; of making your peace with it because other things are more important; or even of attempting to understand the science (and "science") surrounding fat, fatness, fat people. the thoroughly unscientific study here asked anonymous (mostly male?) craigslist denizens why they might or might not be willing to date a fat woman. perhaps a different population might give different (for example, more literate) answers -- but the consistency across the dozens of responses reprinted is scary and telling.