14 March 2006

both of my families

just back from spring break, during which i traveled to chicago and then to philly and in the course of it all managed to see most of the people that i care about. the weather was entirely appropriate to the errands. every single day it dawned worrisomely grey and every single day it got warm and relatively sunny. in chicago, aside from the usual family excitements (amelia is a vegetarian! amelia is still single! amelia's work is abstruse!), i managed to get in some very nice running around evanston, some relatively successful cooking and a lovely walk on the beach with mom, dad and donny.

and also, some arts and crafts, and a truly inspiring voicemail from abram.

in philly i stayed with al (thanks al!) and saw la (happy birthday la!) and went boot-shopping and ate well and generally kicked back. i was disappointed with exactly one thing in three days, and that was the gooseberry wheat ale in our mix-a-six. in a bizarre turn of events, it got hot yester(mon)day, which meant homemade pizza on the deck and then gelato on the sidewalk, with a whole crowd of wonderful folks. this afternoon, met up with ben for the first time in ages, and we talked about all the neat stuff that would happen if there were 10,000 or so people in the house of representatives, and about how repulsive dating-in-grad-school is. and then i took amtrak back to new haven, where it is appropriately cold and blustery.


things to accomplish in the next several days: read about catholics and race; find some primary sources for my crazy-fundies paper; two game theory psets; keep editing "beyond body count" (snappy title, eh?) for research and writing; read political psych stuff; think about summer. where will i be? what will i do? how will i afford it?

for tonight, i aim to avoid working (and the above questions) for another few hours; continue listening to "jesus: the missing years" and read some hardy; go to bed early.