27 November 2005

thanksgiving weekend in pictures

donny took this picture of mom, ray, me, and dad at t'giving dinner: [why am i making that face?] [also, for anyone who has heard my anecdote about encyclopedias being read at the dinner table, the proof is right there behind my mother.]

at the christmas-tree farm, friday mid-day:

decorating said christmas tree, in our classiest headwear:

saturday, late afternoon, walking across norway lake: [it's not that we are miracle workers, but rather that it has been clear and still and dry, so there is a lot of very smooth ice and no snow.]

in more unsettling news, i went to see rent on wednesday night with ray, and the brokeback mountain trailer was greeted with a mixture of gasps and boos and snickers and giggles. from the audience that had COME TO THE THEATRE TO SEE RENT WHICH HAS WAY MORE GAYS THAN BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. what the fuck, people! i floated a theory to alyssa that the rent gays are somehow less threatening than the proulx gays, but it doesn't really signify. nobody's giggling at that preview in new haven. i'm coming home tomorrow.