07 November 2005

sometimes sleep deprivation is totally worth it

last night i went to see the hold steady at bar -- for FREE i tell you! -- and there was lots of rocking. (the evidence: i was bobbing and weaving and doing that funny rhythmic nod thing and everyone else, including all the people whose appearance suggested they hadn't yet transitioned to the post-ironic phase of hipsterdom, was too.) it was incredibly loud and incredibly fun and i'm really glad i occasionally get up the gumption to go to one of these things.

the hold steady is (are?) especially rad because, although they have been in brooklyn for a while now, they are originally from the twin cities. so there were lots of references for me to catch and gloat over.

the openers were pretty durn awesome too, although they had those annoying forward-brushed haircuts that make me instinctively want to smack people. my goodness, but their arrangements were tight and cool and sophisticated, though. and approximately the most manic, infectious stage presence i've seen. anyway, if you get a chance check out thunderbirds are now!.

anyway, then i went home and slept for a mere five hours, and now i am trying to write something smart about fundamentalists. sorry for the lack of posting of late, friends.