11 November 2005

church love

i ignored christ church for a full year, until i realized that unlike a lot of anglo-catholic congregations, this one was staunchly and outgoingly progressive. i've been to four sundays now, and while the smells and bells and slightly difficult hymn tones are still occasionally daunting, i'm feeling more at home than i have in any of the other new haven churches i've tried.

from today's parish newsletter: "A couple of other notes-this Sunday the Forum begins a series on the issues in the re emerging science/religion debate, though I really don't like to phrase it that way. A couple of months back someone asked me how Episcopalians dealt with the problem of evolution and I was rather taken aback. We hadn't really thought of it as a problem in sometime, I said. Indeed, Charles Gore and the writers of Lux Mundi were able to see evolution as more than consistent with a serious theology of the Incarnation. But the questions have returned-with popular preachers threatening God's wrath on towns who don't want school boards teaching evolution and pressure on text books authors. This is an issue that needs our thoughtful attention. Progressive Anglo-Catholics have a voice that needs so badly to be heard and, as scripture asks, we need to be able to give a reason for the hope that is in us. Oddly, this too points to why it is important that the parish thrive, so that in Forum and Inquirer's Class, in sermons and other settings, we can think the faith through together."