04 October 2005

(white)hott shit

things i have done in the last ten days, a selected list:

written: 6,000 words on comparative political psychology(ies); 2,000 words on american party ideologies (do they exist?); 2,000 words of research design on international interventions in domestic institutions; 2,000 words of a grant proposal; 1,000 words on the microfoundations of public opinion

prepped: searchable database of information for said grant proposal; financial aid and faculty support statistics for said grant proposal.

read: gerring, party ideologies in america; zaller, the nature and origins of mass opinion; erikson, mackuen, stimson, the macro polity; ten articles on political decision-making; asad, formations of the secular; geertz, "ideology as a cultural system;" lewis, ecstatic religions; james, varieties of religious experience (portions); mcadam, political process and the development of black insurgency (portions); gill, "rendering unto caesar? religious competition and catholic political strategy in latin america;" rowling, harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban; tolstoy, anna karenina (100 pages to go); kidder, mountains beyond mountains (yes, again); the new york times; the economist; the atlantic monthly; the blogs; the anthropologie catalog.

seen: cronenberg, a history of violence; 15 minutes of alias.

drunk: gallons of water; gallons of coffee; 2 miller high life; some fancy ass martini thing; 2 cape cods (see below at "been to").

been to: political economy lunch; qualitative methods workshop; eight hours class; six hours rehearsal; rudy's (three times -- see above at "drunk"); caffe bottega; cafe adulis (overpriced and underspiced); the beach; stop & shop; trinity episcopal.

sung: mahler, "resurrection;" mader, "the fifth mystery;" several hymns; wilco, lucinda williams and eastmountainsouth, out loud, along with my ipod, on my way home late at night, uptight people in my neighborhood and their weird looks be damned.

run: 12.5 miles (five times out).

organized: kickass swat alum potluck.

felt: trampled; exhilarated; whatever the adjective form of "protestant work ethic" is.