28 September 2005

news from the other side

just as soon as i get more than a few moments-in-passing (probably this weekend), i'll be updating my blogroll to include a section for thoughtful people i disagree with. this is the direct result of a bit of providential dialogue with naaman, who challenged me to expand my blogroll and was kind enough to expand his.

it is more interesting than i can say to have my "clinic defender" identity re-activated after a couple of years without volunteering in that way. these days i am much more apt to identify myself with my occupation or my broader political leanings than with that particular piece of my activist history (history?).

my hope is that i can extend my usual reads to people who will keep the smoke pouring productively out of my ears without sending me screaming back to my insular lefty-ness. on the other hand, it is an open question these days whether i even get to read the newspaper...so we'll see how much avocation-time i have left for this project.

anyway, if you find your way to naaman's place (or any other, i daresay) by way of this place, please remember to have your productive dialogue hat on.