03 August 2005

unintelligent design

bush is at odds with his science advisor on this one, it seems.

also: "social context" my ass. marburger is doing his best not to pander to the crazies, but the same cannot be said for his boss.

here's the thing: scientifically speaking, there is no "debate" about intelligent design versus evolution. it is indeed, as marburger helpfully points out (i bet he's going to get called on the carpet for this one), a cornerstone of modern biology. why, oh why oh why, cannot creationists understand the depressing irony of their situation? they rail against "relativism," see themselves as just-the-facts-ma'am sorts of folks, until the facts disagree with them, at which point they and their specious "debate" get all up in arms about being "marginalized."

i'm not against a little bit of government subsidy in the marketplace of ideas, but the continuing attempts to pretend that "intelligent design" competes with evolution on scientific grounds are absurd and offensive, not to mention totally disingenuous.